We Need 20/20 Vision

Proverbs 29:18 declares, “Where there is no vision, the people perish”. It’s important to have vision and here at ABA we desire to have 20/20 Vision.



We accomplish OUR MISSION through three primary Ministry Objectives:

  1. To offer adult continuing education courses in essential biblical studies through the development of Bible-based study centres across Canada.
  2. To provide an educational experience that will enhance abilities and encourage indigenous leadership within their local assembly as well as their communities.
  3. To provide assistance in advancing the kingdom of God through in-service training of church members and their leadership.

Throughout our ministry efforts we maintain an Operating Principle which is to come along side existing Aboriginal ministries across Canada. We want to complement any effort that is being made in teaching and training indigenous leadership.


Having over 1.5 million Aboriginal people stretched across our nation (many in isolated and/or hard to reach areas) there is a desperate need to get training resources to the individual instead of simply expecting the individual to come to the training.

To that end we here at ABA are fully committed to help establish indigenous leadership within the areas of evangelism & pastoring as well as effectual & dynamic Christian living. Our hearts cry is for the continued development of local training centres (a collection of small group gatherings) to stretch across Canada.

Each of these centres would be over-seen by qualified facilitators, enabling discipleship training and even pulpit preparation to be accomplished. It’s a large undertaking but it is one that we are committed to seeing fulfilled through strategic partnering within the body of Christ across Canada.


With the current bible training methods & resources utilized by ABA (both in printed and electronic format), the possibility to establish sustainable local training centres within or near more remote areas becomes viable. Students will have the opportunity to study independently and/or in various group encounters allowing for maximum flexibility and adaptation within each local setting.


While we have been able to meet our needs on an annual basis due to consistently adhering to strong stewardship principles, we are unable to actively proceed on all ministry aspirations and strategies. Consequently, we have an earnest need for predictable investment in order to remain innovative, progressive and effective in the pursuit of Our Mission. The old axiom, “Every little bit helps!” still holds true. So, to that end, we are encouraging everyone to participate in our 20/20 Vision donor strategy.

Simply stated: If just 20 people gave $20 per month, that would yield an additional $4,800 to our annual budget. For less than 66 cents a day you can help us fulfill the Great Commission to, “Go and make disciples”.

Click HERE for details on how you can participate in 20/20 Vision.

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