Interested in pastoring or full-time ministry? Upon completion of the Ministerial Studies Diploma (all three levels of study), the student will have mastered essential Bible content (Old and New Testaments), theological principles, and practical ministry skills for service in a church leadership position.

Upon completion of the Level One Ministerial Certificate, a student should possess a working knowledge of Bible study methods, New Testament content, and Pentecostal doctrine.

BIB 115 Christ in the Synoptic Gospels
THE 114 Introduction to Pentecostal Doctrine
BIB 115 Acts: The Holy Spirit at Work in Believers
BIB 117 Prison Epistles: Colossians, Philemon, Ephesians, and Philippians
BIB 121 Introduction to Hermeneutics: How to Interpret the Bible
MIN 123 The Local Church in Evangelism
Canadian Pentecostal History
MIN 181 Relationships and Ethics in Ministry
MIN 191 Beginning Ministerial Internship

Upon completion of the Level Two Ministerial Certificate, a student should possess a mastery of specified Bible content, systematic theology, and ministry skills.

THE 211 Introduction to Theology: A Pentecostal Perspective
BIB 212 New Testament Survey
BIB 214 Old Testament Survey
BIB 215 Romans: Justification by Faith
MIN 223 Introduction to Homiletics
THE 245 Eschatology: A Study of Things to Come
MIN 251 Effective Leadership
MIN 281 Conflict Management for Church Leaders
MIN 291 Intermediate Ministerial Internship

Upon completion of the Level Three Ministerial Certificate, a student should possess a mastery of several of the more difficult books of the Bible, advanced theological concepts, and administrative skills required for ministerial roles.

THE 311 Prayer and Worship
BIB 313 Corinthian Correspondence
BIB 318 Pentateuch
BIB 322 Poetic Books
MIN 325 Preaching in the Contemporary World
MIN 327 Church Administration, Finance, and Law
MIN 381 Pastoral Ministry
MIN 391 Advanced Ministerial Internship