Christian Service Diploma

Students who have completed the Christian Service Program will have a basic introduction to the knowledge and skill required for practical Christian service. Study materials in the Christian Service Diploma are designed in a self-teaching format for Christian workers.

These courses are structured to guide you in systematically going through the entire series of 18 courses. However, you may study any course by itself or study any course in the entire series in any sequence.

CSB 111 Christian Maturity
CSB 212 Kingdom, Power, and Glory
CSB 313 Cornerstones of Truth
CSB 414 Christian Church in Ministry
CSB 515 Spiritual Gifts
CSB 616 Solving Life’s Problems
CSB 121 Prayer and Worship
CSB 222 Tents, Temples, and Palaces
CSB 323 Alive in Christ
CSB 424 Starting New Churches
CSB 525 Preaching and Teaching
CSB 626 People, Tasks, and Goals
CSB 131 The Responsible Christian
CSB 232 Understanding the Bible
CSB 333 Counsellor, Teacher, and Guide
CSB 434 Helping Christians Grow
CSB 535 Sharing the Good News
CSB 636 Abundant Living