Please see “Course Descriptions” along with “Diploma & Certificate Programs” under “Forms” for more details


Upon completion of the Ministerial Studies Diploma (all three levels of study), the student will have mastered essential Bible content (Old and New Testaments), theological principles, and practical ministry skills for service in a church leadership position.


Upon completion of the Bible and Doctrine Diploma, students should have a basic knowledge of Bible and Theology that will help them in: Sunday school class discussions, in sharing the gospel with friends and neighbours and in their personal devotional life. This diploma is designed to prepare students, not for a ministry career, but for Christian living and lay leadership development. Ideal for the layperson who desires a deeper knowledge of God’s Word, a diploma in Bible and Doctrine is awarded upon satisfactory completion of the required courses.


Students who have completed the Christian Service Diploma should have a basic introduction to the knowledge and skill required for serving as lay-workers in the church. These courses do not substitute for the required courses in other certificate and diploma programs.


What is the next step after a person has taken the initial step of faith and accepted Jesus Christ as Savior? New converts must be oriented in the Christian ways of life. That is why the 18 courses in the Christian Life Certificate Program have been developed.

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